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Development Impact

We invest in Africa’s local prosperity.

We use our in-depth understanding of the local markets and an enthusiastic hands-on approach to support financial service providers in Sub-Saharan Africa. We help grow the economy and make Africa a better place to work, live and prosper.

We believe that if you’re not making a real impact, you’re not doing it properly.

That’s why we focus our investments on financially viable companies with good corporate governance and sound environmental and social practices. We partner with businesses that can help impact growth, job creation and poverty reduction in the following ways:

  • A well-functioning financial system facilitates economic growth and reduces poverty. Providing access to capital via financial institutions, microfinance and SME funds is critical to our mandate.
  • Agriculture is a priority sector that employs approximately half of Africa’s workforce. Agricultural growth can drive overall economic growth and has proven to be effective in poverty reduction in low-income countries.

Enterprises in these sectors provide employment opportunities, pay taxes and supply goods and services.

Our Investment Process

Once we have identified new investments and evaluated their potential to make a meaningful impact in the market, we put our expertise into action to help strengthen their business and achieve their financial goals. Our dedicated bank development team creates an effective development strategy to be discussed and confirmed by the business’ management team.

Our development strategy consists of three critical steps: