Jan 30, 2021

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dfcu Bank unveils interest-free Visa Contactless Credit Card

dfcu Bank has introduced its reliable cost-effective Visa Contactless Credit Card that will be a convenient way of offering short term finance support to its customers. The card is available for Gold and Platinum users. The Visa Gold Card delivers the recognition, security, and preferred service one demands. The Visa Platinum Card has been designed to offer higher spending limits and greater purchasing power for the priority customers.

The new dfcu Visa Contactless Credit Card comes with a range of benefits such as; Credit limit of up to UGX 100,000,000, life and permanent disability insurance of up to UGX 100,000,000, redundancy retrenchment of up to UGX 50,000,000, access to a revolving limit, interest-free credit provided you pay back the full instalment within 50 days, convenient purchasing of items with 24/7 access to credit, ATM withdrawals, acceptance to over 40 million outlets worldwide, free lost card protection and lifestyle benefits including discounts at restaurants, health and wellness clubs and airport lounges.

Speaking on the latest development Robert Wanok, dfcu Bank’s Head of Personal & Business Banking, said; “We have introduced the Visa Contactless Credit Card to make it possible for our customers to conveniently make transactions across the globe. With access to over 40 million outlets worldwide, our Visa card gives our customers exceptional purchasing power.”

According to Mr Wanok the card which is Contactless or ‘Tap and Go’ is safer and faster. “Generally speaking, contactless transactions do away with all the strenuous steps customers have been accustomed to. In fact, they do not even need to enter a PIN or give a signature for lower value transactions. It makes it possible for users to complete the transaction in merely a few seconds,” he said.

When it comes to the safety of contactless transactions, the dfcu Visa Credit Card comes with an embedded chip technology that ensures utmost safety during each transaction. Every contactless payment made is also covered by multi-layer protection, ensuring complete safety of information. The fact that the card is always in the customers hand during any contactless payment makes it even safer.

In the coming days, dfcu will also carry out a series of activities to educate customers and the public on safety issues, tracking expenses, maintaining control of their credit and finances and so much more. Customers will be able to apply for the credit card from any dfcu branch countrywide at no extra cost. This card represents dfcu’s commitment to deliver to their customers the highest quality services that work on the global market.

For more information on dfcu Bank visit www.dfcugroup.com

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