Jul 5, 2023

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Moza Banco celebrates its 15th anniversary with an increase of over one billion in its share capital

As part of its actions to reaffirm itself in the market and as one of the main banks operating in Mozambique, Moza marked its fifteenth anniversary in June with an increase of more than one billion meticais in its share capital.

With this increase, the share capital of Moza now stands at MZN 7,020,750,000.00 (over 7 billion meticais), which has allowed the bank to reaffirm its strategic position in the market, paving the way to a promising future.

In the last few months, counting from July last year, Moza Banco has witnessed some changes and implemented important decisions to consolidate its presence in the financial sector and face the new challenges imposed by various conjunctural factors.

The nank now has an even more slender and cohesive shareholder structure, consisting mostly of Mozambican investment, which makes Moza a bank that “Makes it Happen”. In fact, for 15 years Moza has demonstrated proactivity, confidence, resilience and engagement in its relentless pursuit and delivery of innovative and necessary financial solutions for its customers. While imperative changes occur to update and streamline the Bank’s organizational structure, Moza has kept an unwavering commitment to transformation and quality assurance in the delivery of its products and services.

With the renewed intention of permanently improving the user experience, Moza is working to expand its commercial activities, enhance its branch network, invest in digitalisation, and offer personalised solutions based on knowledge, strategic vision, financial solidity, and social responsibility. The main objective is to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of its customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

According to Moza’s Chairperson of the Board of Directors (PCA), João Figueiredo, “The positive and encouraging results of recent financial years, particularly that of 2022, are an unequivocal sign of the bank’s ability to evolve in a solid and sustainable manner.” The coming years will be complex and challenging, requiring exemplary team spirit and engagement from all employees.

With the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2022-2026 and the transformation projects underway, the bank believes it has the necessary ingredients to thrive and achieve the success it targets. By celebrating its 15th anniversary, Moza Banco expresses its gratitude to employees, customers, and shareholders, reaffirming its commitment to repay the trust deposited and contribute to the sustainable development of Mozambique,” the PCA highlighted, during the bank’s 15th anniversary celebration ceremony held recently in Maputo.

The 15th anniversary of Moza was marked in a festive atmosphere, which saw largely the participation of customers and employees with 15 years of relationship with the bank.

For more information on Moza Banco visit www.mozabanco.co.mz


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