Jul 1, 2024

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Moza Banco partners with Clarisse Machanguana Foundation to empower vulnerable girls

Moza Banco reaffirmed its commitment to Mozambique and its people by launching an institutional campaign aimed at supporting vulnerable girls across the country last month. The campaign includes a partnership with the Clarisse Machanguana Foundation (FCM), an organisation dedicated to empowering women and girls, particularly those facing adversity. Clarisse Machanguana, renowned for her international basketball career in the WNBA, was honored during a press conference that also marked the beginning of this collaborative effort.

The partnership between Moza Banco and FCM will focus on a fundraising campaign to benefit underprivileged girls, enhancing opportunities in sports and education nationwide. Clarisse Machanguana highlighted the personal resonance of this project, drawing parallels between her own challenges and those faced by the girls supported by the Foundation. She emphasised the importance of collective support for the project’s success.

Mr Manuel Soares, CEO of Moza Banco, underscored the transformative impact of sport and education in fostering a more equitable society. He expressed gratitude to the campaign’s partners and reiterated Moza’s commitment to advancing the progress and sustainable development of Mozambican women. Moza Banco has designated 2024 as the year of the Mozambican woman, continuing its initiatives under the Moza Women project to empower and uplift women across the nation.

For more information on Moza Banco’s initiatives, visit www.mozabancoco.mz

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