Jul 20, 2023

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Moza Banco reaffirms itself as the bank of Mozambicans

On 3 July 2023, Moza Banco launched its new institutional campaign attached to the slogan “Make it Happen” on all media platforms. This campaign represents a reaffirmation of Moza as the only bank that belongs to Mozambicans and that is therefore an active participant in the people’s history of resilience, work, and pride.

By recognizing, valuing, and relating to the Mozambican dream, Moza seeks to inspire and motivate citizens to pursue their goals, after all, they “Make It Happen” in all areas of activity, driving national development and nurturing local production and value creation.

The main objective of this campaign is to strengthen the relationship that Moza has not only with its customers but also with each and every Mozambican who knows how to “Make it Happen”. The aim is to ensure that all citizens are aware that whenever they need a banking partner who, like them, Makes It Happen, they can count on Moza.

According to the Chairman of Moza’s Board of Directors, João Figueiredo, “The bank works every day to ensure that its financial products and services are appropriate to the reality of all citizens and ‘Make Happen’ the real changes in their lives”.

And, to “Make it Happen”, Moza began a transformative journey, in which the bank, continuing to focus on the customer has maintained its commitment to the quality and diversity of its technological solutions.

This transformation that Moza has been experiencing is already visible from the outside with the bank recently recognised as “one of the best institutions to work for in Mozambique”.

Meanwhile, Moza continues to “Make it Happen” in its actions to improve the customer experience, investing even more in the expansion of its commercial activities, offering personalised solutions.

For Moza’s Chief Executive Officer, Manuel Soares, the bank seeks permanently to “Take up its own space, contributing to the sustainable growth of the country based on knowledge, strategic vision, financial solidity and social responsibility”.

Moza’s new institutional campaign is directly associated with the 15th anniversary celebrations for a bank that has adopted a positive and proactive stance, priding itself on being an entity that has in its origins the reflection of a Mozambican spirit that “does not wait for things to happen, they always invent a new way of doing something, they always overcome any obstacle that appears in front of them, always facing every adversity with optimism and “Make it happen”.

This is how the bank invites each and every Mozambican to join Moza in this journey of success which “Makes it Happen”.

For more information on Moza Banco visit  www.mozabanco.co.mz

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