Oct 5, 2022

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NMB Bank Zimbabwe officially opens new head office

NMB Bank has officially opened its head office at 19207 Liberation Legacy Way in Borrowdale Harare in August.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Dr Jesmen T Chipika said: “It gives me great please to officially open this exquisite NMB Bank Head Office on behalf of the RBZ Governor, Dr John P Mangudya. As regulators, this is what we seek to foster within the financial services sector, sound and solid financial institutions”.

Among those who were in attendance included the Director of Banking Supervision, Mr Madamombe, NMB Clients, NMB Bank board members, shareholders, management and members of the press. Dr Chipika highlighted that buildings symbolise strength and permanence and that they are often built to outlive us and be part of our history. In acknowledging the workmanship as well as the importance of achieving this milestone, she noted: “Here, NMB has embodied all of this and has shown that it is an institution that has set itself for the future. Having our own local institutions push and drive infrastructure development is not only good for the financial services sector, but for the country. Infrastructure development plays a key role in economic growth as annunciated in Government’s strategic blueprint, National Development Strategy 1.”

The NMB head office is a three-storey modern building that is built with functionality in mind. The building was designed to foster a highly collaborative culture with an open plan office setup which aids in team collaboration and enhances openness within the team. This is reflective as NMB has become a leader in terms of digital transformation. The design is sharp with clean lines, incorporating nature and water features that bring serenity and provokes the innovative part of the mind.

“We have dug the foundation of our head office and we have dug it deep enough to be a bank that will transcend many generations. Buildings signal permanence and portray solidness of an institution. Our head office is more than a business premise, it is a show of our class and a show of the elegance of our brand,” said Mr Ben Chikwanha, NMB Bank’s Board Chairman.

Mr Chikwanha went on to advise that the head office was built with the environment in mind. “Mindful of the times we live in, we deliberately went for a building that is not only easy on the eyes but on the environment also. We have gone green with this project; we are 100% off grid in terms of powering the building. We have out done ourselves on this one, we now feedback power to the national grid. This is our statement of committee to be environmentally friendly and play our role in creating sustainable solutions within the country,” he said.

In his closing remarks, the CEO, Mr Gerald Gore indicated that “the bank continues to focus on sourcing for credit lines to support exporting customers. He further indicated that they would continue to leverage on the strength of their foreign shareholders (Arise, African Century and AfricInvest) and their network of banks in Africa to deepen their service offerings.”

For more information on NMBZ visit www.nmbz.co.zw

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