Sep 9, 2020

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NMBZ launches an exciting suite of digital service offerings

On 21 August NMBZ Bank in Zimbabwe unveiled a suite of exciting new digital services that are set to enhance the banking experience for their customers. Their new interactive NMBConnect platform is set to replace their current online banking platform NMBDirect, which will be phased out by the end of this month.

“This digital platform is comprised of NMBConnect Online, NMBConnect App and NMBConnect ShortCode. This suite of products is set to redefine banking experiences and customers can seamlessly connect to their finances through these applications. The end game here is to provide our customers with a seamless Omni-channel experience, where they have the freedom to initiate a transaction on any one of these platforms and complete it on another”, said Mr Benedict Washaya, Chief Executive Officer, NMBZ. “ We have plans to bring in more innovations on these platforms as they will be the backbone of our digital bank”, he added.

With this digital banking model, the bank aims to offer its customers more control in terms of account openings and daily transactions. “Faced with the COVID-19 physical contact restrictions, this is the time to minimise the need of having our customers visit the bank to open an account or conduct banking. Whilst they can enjoy transacting from wherever they are, NMBConnect, the anchor brand for our Omni-channel platforms will give customers digital proof of payment and reference numbers which are sent to customers’ email and phone numbers in less than three minutes”, said Mr Washaya. “What is most exciting about our digitisation drive is the fact that most of these solutions are internally developed and supported. This gives us the flexibility to adapt these solutions to the needs of our customers”, he added.

Some of the features of this new platform includes simplified self-registration, instant digital password reset, enhanced digital pin security, bulk payment processing and integrated customer dashboards displaying linked accounts, balances and recent activity. “This launch also marks our reinforcement of the paperless drive in our branches and offices”, concluded Mr Washaya. With the digital branch and connector services (Agent Services) on NMBConnect, the bank has now gone paperless.

To find out more on NMBZ and these service offerings visit www.nmbz.co.zw

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