Apr 20, 2021

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Rabobank publishes Annual Report 2020

In March Rabobank published its Annual Report 2020, ESG Facts & Figures, Pillar 3, and additional disclosures.

According to the Chairman of the Managing Board Wiebe Draijer, the severe COVID-19 crisis demanded the very essence of what a cooperative bank with a mission stands for: to contribute substantively to the significant transitions that are shaping the world we live in. “As a meaningful cooperative our contribution to society last year was first and foremost to focus on the immediate needs of our clients. But we were also able to accelerate the delivery of our strategy during the pandemic. We improved digital service to our clients and members with new innovations in our Rabo App, building on the foundations laid in recent years. Next to that, as a bank committed to making global food supply chains more sustainable, we played an important role in the green financing of our global clients and supported farmers around the world in their shift to more sustainable food production. We also intensified and accelerated our contribution to sustainable housing in the Netherlands”, he said.

In addition to the annual figures Rabobank published its Impact Report 2020 (Our impact in 2020) on 11 February 2021. In this report, Rabobank provides insight in the bank’s environment, its strategy and accompanying results and the way the bank creates value for its stakeholders.

To view the Annual Report 2020 visit https://www.rabobank.com/en/images/annual-report-2020.pdf

To view the Impact Report (Our impact in 2020), visit https://www.rabobank.com/en/images/our-impact-in-2020.pdf

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