Mar 28, 2018

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Staff Profile – Bronwyn Finch

Title: Senior Investment Associate

When did you join Arise and what was your motivation for taking up this position?

I joined Arise on the 1 February 2017. I was excited about taking up a position where I would have the opportunity to not only work for commercial returns, but to also use my knowledge and passion for finance and investing to make a difference and to positively contribute to society.

What does your role at Arise entail?

As part of the Investment Team my role entails managing our current portfolio of investments, conducting performance analysis, which includes regular investee visits and engagements across the African continent. In addition, a core component of my job is identifying viable investment opportunities for Arise and contributing to a robust investment pipeline. This includes, inter alia, building valuations, structuring models and/or pricing models, performance analysis and engaging with prospective investee companies.

What aspect of your job do you most enjoy?

I love the technical aspects of my role, which includes financial modelling and structuring investment deals. My role also entails working with a diverse group of people across all cultures and I really enjoy the continual learning that comes with this. I also enjoy witnessing the positive impact of our efforts and seeing these come to fruition and making a meaningful impact on economic growth and job creation.

What has your top 3 highlights been?

There have been so many highlights, but if I had to narrow it down I would say the following:

• Being promoted to a Senior Investment Associate after just one year of joining Arise. It was a rewarding experience being able to both learn and grow at the same time.

• Being part of the team that successfully concluded the dfcu rights issue. This allowed dfcu Bank to acquire Crane Bank, positioning the bank as one of the top three banks in Uganda.

• Attending the 2018 Annual Arise conference, which explored the future of financial institutions in 2030. The calibre of the industry experts and engaging panel discussions provided great insight into how banks are set to evolve over the next few years.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

Learning the intricacies and navigating the nuances associated with different countries, companies and their political and economic landscape.

Sum up Arise in one sentence

An agile, practical and responsible investor that is set to significantly contribute to economic transformation and financial inclusion on the African continent.

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