Jan 31, 2022

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Staff Profile – Carla Bester, Head of Risk and Compliance

Name: Carla Bester

Title: Head of Risk and Compliance

When did you join Arise and why?

I joined Arise in April 2019. My motivation for taking up the position was rooted in my passion for working across Africa and providing best in class professional advice for banks whilst navigating an ever-changing risk landscape.

What does your role at Arise entail?

I oversee the Risk and Compliance function within Arise and lead any risk and compliance related value creation initiatives within the Arise partner bank network.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy?

There is so many aspects of my job that I enjoy. I thoroughly enjoy being able to work for a company, where I can contribute my experience and skills in risk and compliance to a wide network. The diversity of my work ensures that every day is different. My work is always evolving, and I can focus on truly making a difference. I also enjoy being able to work within a collaborative environment with a group of dynamic and passionate people, both within Arise and the broader partner bank network. I love that through my role I get to meet new people, expand my networks and build relationships with peers.

What has your top 3 highlights been?

There were so many highlights, but the following stands out:

1. Being given the opportunity to work and grow professionally within a dynamic organisation such as Arise.
2. Working under the stellar leadership of Mirjam t’Lam (former Arise CFRO) and Deepak Malik (former CEO), who were both instrumental in the formation of Arise.
3. Social events and the year-end functions, where we get to network with our colleagues and industry peers.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The most challenging aspect of my job (and opportunity) is to stay abreast of emerging risks and support Arise’s partner banks to seize the opportunity in risk, whilst still successfully navigating the dynamic risk landscape.

Sum up Arise in one sentence

Arise is not just an investment firm, it’s a company which has a clear vision and is committed to supporting its partner banks across Sub-Saharan Africa to enhance financial inclusion and support economic growth in their respective countries.

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