Oct 4, 2023

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98 scholars under the Equity Leadership Program join top global universities

The Equity Group Foundation (EGF) Executive Chairman, Dr. James Mwangi, has overseen the airlift of 98 scholars from Kenya, Rwanda, DRC, and Uganda to 52 global universities in 18 countries. These scholars, which are part of Equity’s Leadership Program, have secured scholarships totaling Kshs. 2.44 billion (USD 17,116,817) for their 4-year undergraduate studies. Equity Group will provide each scholar with an airlift token of up to Kshs. 200,000 to support their transition.

The scholars, part of Equity’s paid-internship program, underwent a two-month college counseling program covering essay writing, university selection, and admission exam preparation. Additionally, they participated in a week-long camp to receive guidance on the transition to global scholar status. Dr. Mwangi commended the scholars for their focus and success, urging them to remain rooted in Africa’s ambitions.

These scholars, heading to universities in the USA, Canada, UK, China, India, UAE, Hungary, and others, align with Equity Group’s Africa Recovery and Resilience Plan (ARRP), particularly the focus on technology-enabled ecosystems. Dr Mwangi highlighted the potential impact these scholars could make in collaboration with academic institutions and cutting-edge technology.

For more information on Equity Bank visit www.equitygroup.com


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