Jan 30, 2021

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Arise Staff Profile: Esther van As

Name: Esther van As

Title: Company Secretary

When did you join Arise and what was your motivation for taking up this position?

I started as interim company secretary for Arise in August 2018 and officially became part of the Arise family on 1 January 2020. I have worked as a corporate advisor for several years and decided it was time to broaden my professional perspective. Arise was looking for a person with a similar background to fill a temporary position and we were brought in contact through our network.

What aspect of your job do you most enjoy?

I enjoy the organizational aspects of my role combined with my interaction with the Arise team and our stakeholders.

What has your top 3 highlights been?

My highlights would be (i) the Arise conferences, (ii) the finalization of the renewal process of the agreement between the shareholders in 2019, and (iii) the opportunity this role provides for my personal development.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

As the stakeholders have different expectations and interests my most rewarding challenge is to make sure that we manage these expectations and that they are being met.

Sum up Arise in one sentence

Through passion, expertise, and its supporting shareholders, the small Arise team is making the most impact it can for the furtherance of prosperity on the African continent.

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