Nov 9, 2020

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Arise Staff Profile

Name: Emile Oosthuizen
Title: Financial Controller

When did you join Arise and what was your motivation for taking up this position?
I joined Arise in the middle of March 2017. The opportunity to apply for the position came at an ideal time as I concluded my tenure in the manufacturing industry at the end of November 2016. I was in the market for a new opportunity and the Arise position of financial controller became available. What attracted me to this role was the international exposure that I would gain in terms of working in financial services.

What aspect of your job do you most enjoy?
I would say the fact that I am now in the financial services sector is nice, as I enjoy new challenges. Working across the financial disciplines in both Africa and Europe has been an amazing learning curve and I enjoy the fact that no two months are the same, which keeps you on your toes.

What has your top 3 highlights been?

1.) The 2018 Arise Conference as this was the first time I could visualise the importance of Arise and see the value Arise offers to its partner banks.

2.) As being the financial controller for Arise in South Africa I would say the first Pty audit carried out in 2018, this just confirmed that the entire finance team is a well-oiled machine.

3.) A key highlight was also the 2019 Arise strategic session, which took place in Utrecht.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?
Without a doubt the financial legislations in both South African and Europe and keeping up to date with all the different rulings and changes.

Sum up Arise in one sentence
Arise has a variety of different people from a vast array of backgrounds, but when they all pull together for a common goal to promote financial inclusion in Africa, what we can achieve is endless.

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