Aug 3, 2017

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CalBank launches new brand image

CalBank Ltd has launched a new brand image to stimulate financial technology and inclusion. Apart from its new tagline and logo, the bank adds on to its portfolio a new campaign for environmental protection and alternative energy, a financial inclusion department, and a technologically based operation strategy.

Speaking at the launch event earlier this month, Managing Director of CalBank, Frank Adu Jnr, said, “We are actually setting up a department for financial inclusion, because we work with a lot of start-ups”. “We have changed our business module, we currently have 25% of our portfolio in retail, so we are gradually moving into that space”, he added.Mr. Adu stated that the bank was looking at using technology as an enabler, and if possible even pioneering certain technology bases in the sector. “The bank will not fight the disruptive nature of technology”, he added. “The bank has to go with it, so CalBank is prepared to embrace it and in fact even originate the same”, said Mr. Adu.

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Johnson Asiamah, stressed the importance of strengthening risk management measures in the banking sector. He said while the central bank welcomes this positive trend in terms of the banking industry’s reliance and technology, banks need to consider the potential operational and systemic risk factors associated with such emerging trends.
Dr. Asiamah said banks must strengthen their risk management systems, and establish robust technological and information control and security measures to ensure confidentiality and integrity of financial transactions. This he said will limit operational risks and build confidence in such electronic banking services.

The new brand image is to strategically grow revenue, advance retail and digital banking. The new tagline – “Forward Together” is to show commitment to partner clients and carry them forward to greater heights.

“ Arise would like to congratulate CalBank on the relaunch of their brand. We look forward to embarking on future collaborations aimed at transforming the banking sector and advancing economic growth and job creation”, concluded Arise, CEO Deepak Malik.

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