Sep 19, 2022

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Gavin Tipper appointed as CEO of Arise

Arise is excited to announce the appointment of Gavin Tipper as Chief Executive Officer.

Gavin is a seasoned business leader with considerable experience in the investment and financial services sectors. His career commenced at KPMG where he was a technical partner, he spent an extended period at Coronation Holdings Limited as Chief Operating Officer, and he has sat on and chaired the boards of a number of prominent companies. He has been associated with Arise for several years as the chair of the Asset Management committee.

“I look forward to leading a well-managed company with a talented team. Arise owns an enviable investment portfolio with exciting options for growth and diversification. Our focus on collaborative partnerships with financial and other investee institutions places us in good stead to contribute to the growth of those businesses, to deliver on shareholder expectations and to contribute to economic growth on the continent”, said Gavin Tipper.

“The appointment comes at an opportune time as the organisation heads into the next phase of its business journey. Gavin is highly respected by peers and industry colleagues, and we are excited to have someone of his calibre on board. I am confident that his leadership will provide the continuity and stability necessary to further Arise’s purpose and strategy. His extensive investment and financial experience will be invaluable in helping Arise to successfully deliver on its mandate”, said Nhlanhla Nene, Arise Chairman.

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