Jun 22, 2023

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Moza Banco staff empowerment initiative paves the way for service excellence

An innovative employee initiative by Moza Banco to empower staff has played a key role in advancing service levels and contributing to staff retention.

Club Moza was established in 2013 by employees of the bank across various operational divisions, with the aim of promoting the health and well-being of staff. The Club Moza staff representatives work closely with the bank’s executive team to deliver a series of value-add services and product offerings aimed at skills development and social upliftment.

What makes this initiative unique is that the Moza Club partners with external service providers and the government to provide specialized solutions to Moza Banco employees on preferential terms, when it comes to securing homes and providing access to education and training. The latest initiative of the club included working with the municipal government to secure land plots for its employees in Macaneta, Maputo, Nampula, and Cuamba. The club also entered into an agreement with the Regent Business School in South Africa to allow Moza Banco employees to advance their studies. To ensure the well-being of their employees once they retire, a complementary pension fund was also established in conjunction with Standard Bank Pension Fund Managers. The club’s services extend to the families of staff as well. and initiatives include treating employees’ children to educational museum visits and participation in sporting and entertainment activities across the country.

According to Moza Banco CEO, Manual Soares since the club’s establishment, the bank has seen an increase in productivity and performance of its employees. Club Moza provides a platform for staff to actively contribute their innovative ideas and solutions to address operational challenges and advance the bank’s service offerings. “Through becoming active participants in the continuous improvement process we have created a culture of innovation within the bank, which has resulted in new strategies, products, and services coming to the fore”, he said. This has in turn not only enhanced the bank’s competitiveness but has embedded a culture of sustainability, by allowing employees to be involved in setting sustainable initiatives and goals to drive socio-economic development projects.

“Through our activities, we enable employees to contribute beyond their specific responsibilities, work as a team, share ideas, and strive to achieve collective goals. When employees are engaged, they demonstrate higher productivity, quality of work, creativity, and innovation. Additionally, they have greater job satisfaction, which results in lower employee turnover and higher talent retention”, concluded Soares.

For more information on Moza Banco visit www.mozabanco.co.mz

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