Jun 2, 2022

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Rabobank takes top spot among Dutch banks in brand sustainability index

Last month consumers voted Rabobank as the most sustainable bank in the Netherlands during the Sustainable Brand Index, Europe’s largest sustainability brand survey.

According to the Sustainable Brand Index (SBI), Rabobank’s top performance is notable because consumers have rated Rabobank as more sustainable than the “green” banks in the Netherlands. “We are grateful to be recognized for the efforts we make together with our members and customers as a sustainable, cooperative bank,” said Bas Rüter, Rabobank’s Sustainability Director.

“In recent years we have focused on embedding sustainability throughout our organization. We meet our customers where they are and help them to make their homes, businesses or investment portfolios more sustainable, step by step.”
“Sustainability is staying on the agenda. We use our knowledge, networks and financial solutions to influence important goals such as energy and food transitions. We’re working together towards the Paris climate goals, and also working on making the global food system more sustainable. This is in line with our position as a sustainable, cooperative bank and our mission ‘Growing a better world together,” he added.

SBI Country Director Annemarije Tillema: “Through the Sustainable Brand Index, we want to increase the importance of a sound sustainability policy and make it transparent towards end users and consumers. We also believe that this current crisis offers opportunities in many sectors that can accelerate systemic changes towards more sustainability and circularity.”

The Sustainable Brand Index was released for the 10th time this year and 58,000 consumers participated. The survey took place for the fourth time in the Netherlands and over 7,700 consumers were asked to rate well-known brands for sustainability. In total, 175 brands from 14 sectors in the Netherlands were assessed on the basis of the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

For more information on Rabobank visit www.rabobank.com

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