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African tech growth fund empowers entrepreneurs

Norfund has invested in Norrsken22, a new tech fund supporting technology growth and impact across Africa. The fund raised USD 205 million in total, surpassing its target of USD 200 million. Norrsken22 is focused on entrepreneurs developing fintech, edtech, medtech […]

Moza Banco combats coastal erosion with 2000 seedling plantation

In a demonstration of its dedication to environmental preservation, more than 200 Moza Banco employees collaborated with volunteers from diverse private, academic, and governmental organizations during the second phase of the “Let’s Plant Trees” project. Guided by environmentalists and local […]

UGEFA and dfcu Bank collaborate for a sustainable future in Uganda

The Uganda Green Enterprise Finance Accelerator (UGEFA) joined forces with dfcu Bank to foster green economic development in Uganda. dfcu Bank is committed to transforming the economy in Uganda and enhancing the wellbeing of its people. In line with UGEFA’s […]

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